Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cub Scout Adventure

This weekend I was lucky enough to take Rory on a Cub Scout Camping Trip to Camp Daniel Boone. It was quite the adventure, and I am pleased to say we are both back, with all eyes, limbs, and digits intact :o)

Here are a few photos of our trip:

It started with an early morning arrival and fog:

After checking in and setting up camp, we sat and watched some sparrows fly all over:

First stop, BB Guns:

Then Archery:

Where we found out that Rory isn't quite the Robin Hood he thought:

He even built a boat for the Regatta!

Lastly we attended the evening campfire (sorry for the cell phone photo!):

Friday, April 27, 2012

K and C Engagement

So, in just a few short weeks, this beautiful and happy couple will be wedded and embark on their new lives together. Congrats to you both!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm proud of the boys, the older two decided to play soccer this year and are doing wonderfully. They are having fun, learning, and excited about it.

Arden was thrilled when his team was given the sportsmanship awards at today's game! Here he is holding his, and during his game.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Team Photo

Rory is finally playing a team sport (so is Arden) and loving it! He is on a team with some great kids, and they seem to have a lot of fun!

Here is their team photo:

But here is who they really are:

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Someone, please explain if you can...

How is it, I can have 6 sippy cups, all the same brand and size, but only have two sets of lids and nipples? I have scoured the entire house looking for the remaining parts to no avail. They are not in the cabinets; they are not in the drawers; they are not hiding in the tupperware or storage bins; they are not in the sink.


On that note, I do not only have a sippy top thief 'around these-here parts', but someone(s) is (are) conspiring to drive me insane by knotting all of the pull cords for the window shades into huge knots that I have to give up on untying because they are so bad...

This is enough to drive a woman crazy!

But that isn't all!!!

Someone has been hiding all the wash cloths from the bathroom, (I still haven't found those).

They have also decided to use my computer desk (my only "personal place" in the house) as their very own pile up area for anything they decide to move around. Right now, as I sit and type, I am looking at a block of foam, a red tonka truck, 2 batteries, a comb, 3 stuffed animals, baby wipes, 3 Wii games, a ball of yarn, two pair of children's scissors, someone's homework that they forgot to take in, two head bands and what is left of a chocolate Easter bunny.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Long overdue...

Back in August I did a maternity session for a local mom and didn't have the editing software to make the photos what I had wanted them to be... I have what I need now and am still editing them, but here are some that I am loving! Thanks so much to the mom for being patient and such a good sport during the shoots!

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13th, 2003...

That was the day the we all lost an amazing man, an amazing soul, and an overall amazing person.

Jeffrey Allen Mayfield was perhaps one of the funniest, light hearted, and loving people whom I have ever had the privilege to meet. Part of me is different and better for having known him. 

All of us who were lucky enough to have called him a friend took something from him. His personality oozed goodness and happiness more than anything else. 

Grieving for Jeff was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and he really sits in the back of my thoughts often. I would have thought that 9 years later, that the feelings I felt would be lighter, but they aren't... however with those 9 years, I have gained the perspective to be able to look back and remember the smiles, the laugh, and the fun times we had together.

Jeff gave so many people the gift of his love, and I just hope that I am 1/3 of the good person he was. 

Carl and I have so much to thank him for... our first home, our first child, our love...

I miss you Jeff. Thank you for everything. 

So today, in your memory, I am not going to cry. I am going to laugh; I am going to think of you; I am going to spend time with the people that I love. I want to give others what you gave me... happiness.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visiting my Granny...

We recently made the trip up to the Holler where my Granny lives. She will be 93 this year! Isn't she just beautiful? All three families made the trip, and so did my mom. It has been a long time since she has gotten all her great grand children and grandchildren together.

Here she is with her great-grand-children from my mom's side... 

One of me and Granny taken by my nephew...

Here are a few shots of the kids down at the old water hole where Granny used to get her water from a fresh spring in the rocks: