Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blackberries, jelly, and prickers...

This whole week I have been picking wild blackberries and trying my hand at canning. I'm having a great time (aside from a few thorns here and there!) I have cut paths into the best bushes across from the house, and it has made the instances of prickers stuck in my hands and the kids hands drop drastically.

So far I have picked about 18lbs of berries and made jelly from about 15lbs of them! I am making my jelly with only sugar and lemons, and it is working great! The kids love it and we have eaten about a pint already!  Needless to say, I have been busy with that and not online too much.

We have a few more weeks of blackberries, and then it will be time for blueberries! I can't wait.

Other goings on:

The boys seem to have gotten over the death of Houdini, and there is talk of a new hamster soon.

Cute Hubbie is almost done the closet and I can't wait! I need somewhere to put all of these canned goods. Arden is the designated helper and is constantly under foot with his toy tools, waiting for something to "help" with.

The weather, while beautiful, has not produced any rain here in over a month, and our poor gardens are starting to show the signs of it.

That is about all I have for updates! I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful 4th of July!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodbye Houdini.

This evening we found Houdini the Hamster dead. He was up and about last night and this morning when I checked his food and water. We assume that he fell asleep sometime midday and didn't wake up.

We were his second family after receiving him from a family on freecycle. He was loved by many. He was quite the escape artist (ergo the name), and was found many times running around the house and on the bathroom counters.

We held a funeral for him this evening and buried him in the yard. Rory is understandably upset, and Arden seems to have taken it well. Canyon is just to young to get it, and knows that Houdini is "all gone". Arden and Rory both petted him one last time and helped us bury him and said goodbye. Thanks to our neighbor, Deb, for her support and presence at the funeral.

So, rest in peace dear Houdini. You were well loved and you will be missed and remembered.