Saturday, June 13, 2009

My little darling is 3....

Arden turned 3 Years Old today at 4:04am... I can't believe it has been that long. He is such an amazing little guy...

We had his birthday party today. Lot of friends, water, and fun. It really was a great time! Arden enjoyed it a lot.

When it was time to blow out the candles, we experienced something I had never seen before though... Arden got up while we were singing, and ran away! We all cheered and called for him, but I ended up letting all the kiddos have their cupcakes anyhow, without him blowing out the candles on the cake! (I did however get him to pretend to blow them out for me a little later for a photo...)

Arden got a very special gift this year too... We were looking/thinking about a fish tank for the boys, but when we went to price them, it was OUTRAGEOUS! For a kit, a few fish, and the rocks/decorations, it was going to be almost $100!!! So we changed our minds... when I got home, there was an email in my box from someone getting rid of a hamster... so... Houdini the Hamster is now a member of the Gittings Home. He is very sweet, nice, and adorable!

This is Asher. She is Sara's daughter, she actually attended Canyon's birth last year. Such a sweetie!

Asher and Sara brought me some beautiful flowers... only thing is, I didn't have a container for them... so... this is what I ended up with... I think they are pretty!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Trip Itinerary...

Ok, so this isn't how we planned it... but it is how it all went down...


Thursday Morning: I call to get a camp site, only "first come first serve" are available. I'm told that they will be full by afternoon.

Thursday Mid-day: Carl heads to Mills River National Forest area to claim a campsite. He gets a great one and sets up our tent.

Thursday Evening: We all arrive at the site, the boys are starving, but the rain is coming, so we need to hurry and get the screen tent over the table area... oh and it had apparently rained between setting up the tent and arriving.

We don't get done before the rain, the kids have to sit in the tent and wait while we get done. Positive thing was that the tree cover on our site kept the fire ring seating area fairly dry.
Negative, it was not dry around our tent.

Food is cooked over a SMOKEY fire, actually, it wasn't really a fire. There was no flame, just smoldering wood and ashes. Our wood was WET.

The boys go to bed, mom and dad sit by the smoke and chat for a while.

Late Thursday Night: The rain continues, we find out that our tent is no longer waterproof along the seams, neither is our screen tent. (Which after thinking, both are about 6+ years old and need some seaming). Beds and blankets are *mostly* dry.

Rory decided he wanted a drink, but that he didn't want to walk in the rain. When I refused to get up and go in the rain, he told me that he had to pee. He refused to pee in the woods. He would rather walk 1/4mile each way to the potty house. I wake Carl, let him know he needs to take Rory, and roll over and go back to bed. Rory again refuses to pee in the woods and claims he needs to poop.

Carl takes Rory to the potty. It isn't pleasant. Rory didn't need to poop. Dad is mad. mom is mad. Everyone is tired and wet.


Friday Morning: Dad heads back to the house to work for the day. Mom and the kids sleep until 9. The rain continues.

Friday Mid Morning: Mom and the boys decide to head to the Biltmore Estates. It begins to pour. Mom changes her mind. Then it stops raining, so we go to the nature center instead.

Friday Mid-Day: We go to the nature center, find out Val the cougar died, have a snack, and play at the otter area. Arden proceeds to hit another friend's child in the head with a stick. That ended our time there.

Friday Night: Dad arrives with new fire wood, but mom already has a fire started. We cook food over the fire and chat with our camping neighbors that brought 8 kids!! The weather is clear and beautiful, we get everyone in bed at a decent time and pack for the EARLY morning we have planned.
5:30 AM: Alarm goes off. Mom and Dad get up, pack the car, use the potty and begin waking the monsters.

5:45 AM: Everyone is tired. Everyone gets into the car, and we head off to our "secret fishing spot".

6:00 AM:
Our spot isn't so secret. All kinds of families are hiking out the road.

6:15 AM:
After about a half mile, Mom realized she forgot her camera.

6:16AM: She heads back to the car for the camera and for something to wipe butts with.

6:30AM: Mom heads back towards Dad and the boys... but realized she remembered the wipes, and the cooler but not the camera.

6:32AM: Mom realizes that the keys are hooked to the camera bag in the front seat of the locked car. There is NO cell coverage for about 10 miles.

Mom tells dad what happened when she catches back up. It isn't good. Dad needs to work at 2, and we were meeting people at 11-12. Not good at all.

We warn some acquaintances that they are not supposed to fish until after 12. They don't listen.

7:15 AM: We (the boys) start fishing. We catch 6 fish in about 2 hours! Rory got 4 nice ones and Arden got 2~ All from the same fishing hole.

Our acquaintances got caught and told to go home. They got off with a warning (why in the world didn't they listen?).

9:05AM: Mom asked the Rangers for a ride to go get the other truck and cell phone use to call a lock smith. They poke fun at her, but oblige and give her a ride. Rory starts screaming.

9:45 AM: Rory is STILL screaming about mom and Arden riding in the Ranger's car when he didn't get to. Dad is MAD, Mom gets back to the locked van, Rory continued to scream, mom gets MAD, and Rory is punished by both mom and by dad.

10:15 AM: The car is unlocked, we get back to the campsite a bit later.

11:30 AM: Vince shows to go fishing.

12:00 PM: There isn't a rock to stand on. So Carl and Vince go work for a little bit.

12:45 PM: Carl and Vince try again.

2:00 PM: Vince caught his limit (or close to it) Carl caught one fish.

4:30 PM: Mom and Dad each catch a fish.

Saturday Evening: We head to dinner, b/c mom is too tired to cook over the fire.


Sunday Morning: We pack up and head to our fishing spot again. We want to get a few more fish for Arden's Party on Saturday.

Sunday Mid-Day: no bites yet.

Sunday Afternoon:
Mom catches 3 fish, Dad gets 2. We kept 4.

Sunday about 7PM: We head towards home and decided to get a burrito for dinner. Mom hits dead stop traffic for almost an hour.

Sunday about 8:30PM: Mom's tread blows off the tire at the exit ramp. The spare won't drop. Dad cuts the loose tread off the tire, we get home. Mom will have to call in the morning to get someone to drive to the house and get the tire and fix it. Dad has to go out of town in the AM.

Sunday about midnight: Mom and Dad finally get to bed

Needless to say, we are all pooped! But we ended up with about 13 fish and had a great time. (Well over all it was a great time!)

Here are a few photos... I didn't get many since the camera was locked in the car all day Saturday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heading out...

to camp for a few days. It is opening day on Saturday for the delayed harvest streams, kids get to fish before the adults from 6am-12noon. So I hope to have some photos of my little guys catching some big fish!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teeth, Teeth, and more Teeth!

We have cut 4 now, and 4 more are appearing through the gums! That is 8 teeth in just over a month!!! But the little guy is handling it like a champ, not complaining, no fever, just being his ornery little self.

With out further ado, here are our top teeth in their first photo appearances!