Thursday, July 31, 2008

Such a bad day, I can't do anything but laugh.

**To understand the title below, there was some "drama" on a cloth diapering chat board that is un-related***

Another "unbelievable" diaper related story for the day...

But this one is 100% true and I am sure that you all can sympathize with me!

This morning at 5am my husband gets up to go catch a plane to Denver. He is in the shower and I hear him yelling at me, it turns out that the water went off just as he suds himself up...

I'm kind of "out of it" b/c I am not sleeping all that well (new baby and all) so I didn't realize that he was sudsy and said I'll figure it out in the morning and rolled back over to try to get another hour of sleep before A-man wakes up. He wakes me back up (I must have fallen asleep quickly) and told me the situation again, I get out of bed, and head to the kitchen for a 5 gallon jug of drinking water that I filled yesterday, but realize I left it out in the pick-up. So I go back to the room and find some clothes in the dark (my light bulb burnt out last night too)

I head to the kitchen, look at the breaker box by our kitchen door, and fix the breaker, it flipped for some reason. but it fixed the water... or so I thought... 30 seconds later, no water. So out for the 5 gallon jug I go.

Carl gets cleaned up and leaves, mean time neither of us were awake enough to think what this meant long run...

Our well went dry. Our well is dry. We have no water. I can't go poop, pee, wash my FULL 2 day load of diapers (for 2 kids) nor can I do the dishes I neglected to do yesterday. My 4YO can't poop in the potty, and my DH is freaking all the way across the country! (OK yes it is 2/3 the way, I know, but come on...)

So how is this diaper related and what is so unbelievable about the story? Just wait for it.

I waited all day for a neighbor who replaced his well pump this week to come by the house to check the wiring hoping that there is a break which tripped things, no such luck.

After he leaves I throw the kids (3 of them) in the car b/c I need to re-fill the 5 gallon jug and get dog food (for our 3 outdoor dogs).

Canyon is 2.5 months old, Arden is 2 and Rory is 4. We get on the road and I realize it is 6:30 time to feed the beasts. So we decided to go to Olive Garden b/c the minestrone there is ok for Rory's allergies, and when it is just me and the kids it is only a $15 meal.

As we sit there eating things are going well (well being relative I guess to those that don't have 3 under 5) when the baby starts fussing. I pick him up and realize he is wet. WET - WET. I think, it's ok I will just nurse him wrapped in this napkin and go change his FB when we are all done (I mean come on who wants to trek 3 kids in the bathroom mid meal? One of which is shoeless b/c of a huge blister on his foot from his new crocs?)

As I latch him on and start back to eating, I see it.........

There is POOP EVERYWHERE. On me, the table, the bench, the car seat... he isn't wet, HE FRICKING EXPLODED EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you he was in a Fuzzi Bunz, it came out the top front, top sides, legs, everywhere!!!! Through his onesie, ugh it was awful!!!

I had to ask the waitress to sit with the older 2 while I went to the restroom to try to clean up... well guess what, in my rush to leave on our unplanned dinner outing, I forgot clothes for the baby, and I forgot wipes.

After cleaning the poor thing up the best I could with paper towels, I head back to the table with a mostly naked baby.

I left my waitress a $10 tip for a $15 meal and ran out the door (with 3 poopy cloth napkins tucked under the baby in his car seat).

I'm not sure I can ever go back to Olive Garden again!!!!

I left laughing b/c I didn't know what else to do... and we are heading to WalFart tomorrow for the things I decided not to go after tonight.

So anyway. I am without water, and have no clue what to do about that, my DH is gone for a week, and I can't even give my poop covered self a bath. (Or take a poop myself).

So what was so unbelievable? This is my very first cloth blow out!!!! In 3 kids!!!

So how was everyone else's day?
Dready mama to 3 delightful boys

The midwife considers the miracle of childbirth as normal, and leaves it alone unless there's trouble. The obstetrician normally sees childbirth as trouble. If he leaves it alone, it's a miracle. --Sheila Stubbs

Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Birthdays

Sunday was the birthday of "J" one of our good friends! We had a great time celebrating his 6th year of life. His chocolate cake was scrumptious! I really do miss seeing this little (well not so little) guy!

Arden spent his time riding the 3 wheeler.

He was also having a good hair day!

Rory and his vegan cup-cakes! You should have seen his teeth, lol... we teased him about having a mustache.

Rory had a ton of fun. He misses his friends and really enjoys his time around them.

What amazes me is the fact that I started babysitting J and C when Arden was the age of Canyon! I can't believe these beautiful children have been a part of my life for the past 2 years!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Saying Good Bye to the Cicadas

For those that missed out on the "wonderful" invasion of bugs this year, Western North Carolina (or at least parts of it) were swarmed with thousands upon thousands of nasty looking bugs and larvae called Cicadas.

The dogs ate them like popcorn, the boys were afraid of them, and they fly into you like crazy. We were infested.

They only appear once every 17 years and for weeks our neighborhood sounded like something from the Twilight Zone, like an alien spaceship. They produce an eerie noise that almost scares you at first. I thought it was some sort of landscaping tool or something... after a while you didn't hear it at all and it was soothing to listen to without listening. It was a soothing sound that I listened to during my labor and will always associate with Canyon's birth...

Well over the past month, the sound has dwindled, they are "attacking" us less and less, and we are seeing fewer and fewer. I guess it is time to say goodbye to these ugly, yet magnificent bugs that have left our trees poke-a-dotted and out children afraid of flying bugs.

See you again in 17 years you noisy little guys!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today I actually got my kid dressed.

I actually got clothes on Arden today, can you believe it? He never wants to wear clothes!

Today was one of those days that I really didn't feel like folding laundry or cleaning (what's new, right?) So rather than doing my household chores, I decided that my boys needed some photos taken.

Arden was cooperative today! He actually let me take more than one photo at a time. In clothing, amazing huh?

I don't care what anyone says, he is too pretty for a hair cut! I'm letting it grow. Between his curls and his smile, he is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. (I'm only slightly bias.)

Rory was an easy shot as usual~ He is such a camera ham.

He jumps in front of it whenever he gets a chance!

Then, there is the Can-man.

Canyon really is a little gift from God. I can't get enough pictures of this little guy.

And now, I have to go do the chores I neglected.

"Mimi" and Vince

Mimi and Vince came over for supper Wednesday night, while Carl was cooking the pork chops on the grill, I grabbed just a few shots.

Here is Vince and Canyon.

Here is Rory.

Here is Arden.

Here is Mimi playing with the boys.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toes for Tuesday

I know I promised pictures from last night, we had a glitch.

Our dinner party was canceled because Arden decided to swing a wooden toy into Canyon's head and we had to spend a few hours at the doctor's office. Tons of fun. But we are having our friends out tonight. So more pictures for you tonight or in the morning.

Canyon is OK, just a bump, nothing serious.

He did however find his toes last night; sorry for the bad picture quality, there was no light.

Oh and I grabbed a few more since he is making silly faces now!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Monday

Today was spent running around and going here and there. The boys were tired after being out, mom is too.

Our fridge was fixed, Able Appliances ROCKS! They came out Saturday fixed it, and were awesome and reasonable on prices.

Otherwise, nothing much going on. Rory is going to see Todd Stone on Wed about his knee... he fell at Granny Eva's and is still complaining about it...

No pics for today, but tomorrow I will have some. Vince and his wife are coming out for dinner, so we will have some of them for sure!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friends, Foamies, and Fun.

I spent my Saturday at the Pigeon River paddling with a buddy, and then headed up to Big Creek to spend some time hanging out with my family and some friends.

We swam, played, grilled, chased Lil' Huckers and just had a blast. Enjoy the photos.

We can now say for sure that the grown-ups had more fun with the Lil Huckers than the kids did! (Seeing as how the "big boys" decided they wanted to play alone and leave the little boys and ladies on the shore...)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Computer Cords, Crunchy Towels, Sprinklers, and Jump Ropes

Ok, someone, PLEASE tell me who/what goes around our house knotting up all of our computer cords? (Not ONLY the computer cords, but also the camera cords, curtains, blinds, and lamps too!)

If you know who it is, please catch them in the act and let me know!
Summer is moving by so quickly... I wonder how on earth I thought it was too long when I was a child... Today was a busy but fun day. We hit Walmart, EarthFare, the bank, the post office, and the farmers market all in one trip. Then we came home and enjoyed the rest of our day in the yard. Canyon sat in the shade with me while...

Rory and Makenna played all afternoon...

In the sprinkler...

Jumping rope...

In my clean laundry... Man I love crunchy towels from the line...

All while Arden watched. (He still wants nothing to do with the sprinkler... go figure since it was his birthday gift.)
Is it wrong that our kids think about kayaking all the time? Even when on dry ground?...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday is trash day.

Thursdays are our trash days... the boys get up early to sit and watch for the trash man... (that is about all that is interesting here on Thursday... although every other Thursday is recycle day... the boys think that is twice the fun!)

Our fridge is still broken... hopefully the appliance guy (Able Appliance) will have the part in by the weekend. Gotta love eating out since I can't save/store food in the fridge. Blah. Hopefully it will be a fast/easy fix.

We did get to go eat out at Asheville Pizza today with Sonya and her girls for lunch. We had a great time! The girls came over and played with the boys after we ate.

We hooked up the sprinkler that Arden got for his birthday and the kids had a blast, somehow all my pictures were of Rory though... he did seem to have the most fun with the water! LOL.

Arden spent his time watching his brother play in the water.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Not much to report.

There isn't much to report for today. Carl got back in town Saturday night / Sunday morning at 3 am. Today he played catch-up all day for work.

I went to the dentist... I get to go back... yippie!

The boys drew and played.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sundays at the River

Pretty much every Sunday, after church, you can find our family at one of the local rivers here in western North Carolina. It is a great place for children and families to go and have fun in the outdoors. There is no better place than the river to celebrate life, God, and each other!

Here are a few shots of Arden in the kayak in the river for the first time. It is a PS Composites Spy. You can see other boats just like it at Paul and MaryKay rock! Check them out.

Here is our friend Rhett giving Rory a ride on the front of his boat today with my Lil' Hucker in tow. Rory had a blast "paddling" the boat for Rhett!