Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life's changes, surprises, and going ons...

I have totally slacked on the blog, sorry about that everyone! I really don't have an excuse other then I haven't been up to blogging. Ever since my nephew ruined my camera in June, I just haven't had much to post since I mostly do photos! I haven't been able to replace it, and likely won't be able to anytime soon.

Well here is what is going on in the land of "us":

*We had a huge surprise come up, Baby #4 is estimated to arrive March 9th 2011, (although I predict a good 2 weeks later- mine like to ripen a little later then most). I have been suffering from HG (go to for more info), and have lost a good bit of weight, and am wicked tired. I am almost 15 weeks today, so I hope to turn the corner and feel better soon! I am at least holding my weight at this point, am still in my normal clothes, but can feel the little bugger moving around all over the place. We are on team green for this pregnancy and won't be finding out what we are having. The boys seem excited, but doubtful since all they see is a sick mom and no big fat belly, lol.

*Rory is in the First Grade and having a blast, and we got Arden into a local preschool with a friend, and he loves it! Canyon is taking advantage of being the only little person in the house and spends his days helping mom and cuddling with me <3.

*Rory went on his first back-country backpacking/camping trip with Carl a few weeks ago, and had a great time!

*I have spent what time I can, which isn't much with how I have been feeling, doing our canning and making food for this winter. I have quite a bit of pesto, jelly, juice, and more set aside.

*My Aunt Laura lost her battle with cancer a few months ago, and the boys and I drove out to Illinois to visit my grandparents and cousin, and to support my dad through the loss. We will miss her dearly, and I was glad that the boys got to see their Great Grandparents for the first time (well second time for Rory).

*Arden and Rory have turned into bike riding fools! Arden is riding like a little pro, with no fear!

Other then that, we have just been here, we hope to go to the Mountain State Fair this week with friends, and miss all of you we haven't been able to see recently!