Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rory's last day of summer...

Rory starts to school in the morning... I am just amazed... how is it that my little baby, that I was just holding in my arms, is old enough to leave me for an entire day and go to school? All I did was blink an eye, and it has passed us by. He is no longer a little baby, but a school aged child.

I don't know that I am ready for this. I depend on Rory a lot. He is my little rock, my little cuddle bug, my little boy. I do have to say, Rory is incredibly excited, and in all honesty, so am I. However, I am also torn.

It is bittersweet to say goodbye to my baby and hello to my little man.

For his last day of summer, Rory got to choose what activities he wanted to do. His choice was to go to the Biltmore House, Nature Center, and to the park. We did all three and made the most of the last little bit of his "pre school aged childhood" that we had left. It rained a little, but was fun none-the-less.

Here are a few shots of Rory enjoying his last summer moments:


theconners4 said...

omgosh mama! Hi! I am on diaperswappers and popped over to you blog. Can I just say you are my hero? Everything you stand for and believe in and those gorgeous locks! I've always been told I was an "Effin hippie" by my husbands family, lol. You are an inspiration! I've learned so much from your blog and I just want to say thanks for living the way you do!

Lisa Marie said...

I just saw your comment! Thank you so much! You made me blush :)