Sunday, May 2, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...

We decided to cut off Arden's long flowing locks.

This past week, Arden began asking if he was allowed to get a hair cut, so today, after church, we took him to get his first cut in almost 4 years... I think I will cry tonight.

Here is the cut, preserved in photos:


Three Lads and a Lis said...

his long locks were gorgeous, and I know I would have cried too... but really and truly, his new hair cut looks awesome - what a handsome little guy.


Dreamer13 said...

no! I definitely agree - I would have cried too probably - but oh man is he a cutie! The new cut is AWESOME! I was hoping it wouldn't go toooo short :)

Very handsome!

Julie said...

agree with the other commenters, I'm sure you do too :) the long hair was beautiful, but now you can really see that loving face too :) did you keep the hair?

Lisa Marie said...

I kept the whole pony tail!

Hey, are you going to LEAF or will you be around? We are pot-lucking Sunday from noonish on.