Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Baby Boy E.

Welcome to the world Baby E. His family is such a joy to be around and photograph. Between the perfect day outside, and their joy of being new parents,  it was impossible not to leave happy and warm.

E. is the sweetest little thing! Mellow, cute, and cuddly... he totally reminded me while I like newborns so much!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My New Adventure...

Here is the most recent adventure we have started...

If you are in the Asheville area and need a chicken coop builder, I have the guys for you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

It has been a while...

A while back (over the summer) I took a few months and took out my dreadlocks. I thought that some of you might be interested in the process and how it worked out for me!

I have had 2 sets of dreads, one that were truly dreadful because they were done extremely poorly and not sectioned by Adorn Hair Salon here in Asheville. I actually ended up with balding spots from where they didn't section the hair out, it was a mess. To fix that, I went to Eclipse Salon and worked with Jenn, who did a wonderful job with a dread perm. We were able to hide the bald spots, and I had exactly what I wanted for almost 5 years!!

This past summer, I needed a change, and decided to comb out the locks, it took me about 3 months, 6 combs, and LOTS of time. When I was done, I went back to Eclipse to see Jenn and after it all, I had a ton of hair left and was able to end with should length hair that was healthy and full of life.

During the process, I discovered a few things:

Dry combing to remove was better.
VO5 in the tube smoothed it out and helped keep it from re-tangling.
Go slow.
Don't expect to be done quickly.
A TON of hair comes out, and that is ok... I seriously think there was enough to knit a quilt, lol.

No matter the reason for, or how you start your dreads, they become a part of you; your energy, life and ... well... everything go into them, and when you brush them out, a lot of energy comes out too, it was really neat to feel the release of some negative energy and the good that came from the removal process.

Here was the process in photos:

dread removal 001

Comb #3

dread removal 002

dread removal 003

dread removal 004

dread removal 005

dread removal 025

dread removal 070

dread removal 074

dread removal 075

dread removal 081

June 2011 434

June 2011 438

June 2011 440

Halfway done

July 094

Half way!

July 115

34 dreads left 7-11-11

24 dreads remaining

24 dreads remaining

16 dreads left 2

Dreads 5 left 001

Dreads 5 left 004

Dreads 5 left 006

Dreads 5 left 009

September 090

September 107

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flying with the Bean...

I flew out of Asheville without much incident. Our flight was cancelled, and I had to go through security twice with all of my breast milk, but it wasn't much of an issue. We got to IL in plenty of time for Grandpa's viewing.

The trip was as expected; it was wonderful to see everyone, but it was not the most wonderful reason to be there.

The flight back was... interesting. My mom decided to fly with us, which was a good thing because the Indianapolis Airport TSA decided that my breastmilk was cause for concern and I earned myself a full search of all of my belongings and a full pat down... It was quite a pain in the butt and it was sad that this is how they choose to use our tax money... it took almost an entire hour to search every item I had, take my camera apart, and to rub down everything in my bags for explosives.

Anywho... I grabbed a few quick photos of my mom and Evie on the plane, not the best, but cute nonetheless! (How could they not be cute with Evie and my mom in it?!)