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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At the River with Friends.

We had a great time on Father's day at the river with some good friends... the water was refreshing, burgers and dogs were grilled to perfection, and everyone had fun.

The kids jumped off the cliff...

And after seeing how much fun it was, Arden wanted to try... and he tried... but couldn't bring himself to take the leap...

We spent the whole day, just hanging out...

 And goofing off.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Begins...

This is the weekend that we all associate with summer; the pools open, picnics start, and schools start to end. Our boys have one more week left of school, but for us, the summer fun has begun!

Our Memorial Day weekend didn't quite start out as we had planned... on Thursday we headed out to the Davidson River Campground to get a camping site, and to spend our weekend relaxing on the river. Well, when we arrived, it was full. All 164 "first come- first serve" sites had been taken, which NEVER happens on Thursday, always early on fridays... We didn't let this phase us though, and drove over to North Mills River Campground, but it was the same, no vacancy. We decided to try Lake Powhatan, but again, they were full!

We spent 4.5 hours in the car looking for a site, to no avail.

But we didn't let that phase us. The kids pitched tents in the back yard, we lit up the fire pit, and we had "campfire stew" (foil packets filled with veggies and meat, cooked over the coals of the fire). Since then, we have filled the weekend with friends, fun, and festivities!

Yesterday we went to the Cradle of Forestry, and hung out with friends. Here is a sequence of shots of Rory jumping from a 12-15ft rock on the Davidson River, he did it once, but refused the second and third times he climbed up, apparently it scared him a little! LOL!

 And here is a random of Evie from the shore while we watched big brother.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Long overdue...

Back in August I did a maternity session for a local mom and didn't have the editing software to make the photos what I had wanted them to be... I have what I need now and am still editing them, but here are some that I am loving! Thanks so much to the mom for being patient and such a good sport during the shoots!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have been waiting for...

someone to let me try to get this shot! I wanted to have it while I was pregnant, but it being February and all, that didn't happen! (Although I did try, and succeeded in getting in the creek -this is a link to the blog with those shots-, I couldn't bring myself to float in it, lol).

R was kind enough (and brave enough) to bare her belly in the cold creek to let me indulge in my need for this shot. Thanks Love!!

Floating BW

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yogi in the Smokies

A few weeks ago, Carl went out to do some work at "Yogi in the Smokies". He came home incredibly excited and telling me we HAD to go with the boys...

So we did. Here is our weekend in photographs. They boys had a blast, I'm glad that Carl decided we needed to go!

The weekend was a camp wide celebration of Yogi's 50th birthday.

All three of the boys had a blast and loved Yogi and BooBoo, but Canyon was so incredibly excited that he was unable to contain himself! He would start "spazing" every time he saw BooBoo!

BooBoo was a trouble maker and stole Vince's hat...

Yogi and BooBoo drove around the camp every day meeting the campers...

Our little "home away from home"

We went on "Yogi's Ride Wagon" and Arden was the only kid to sing!! (And he didn't even know the words to the Yogi song!)

The park had a great play set and pool:

Yogi CampGround is also located on the Raven Fork...

Of course the boys were not without the company of their Lil' Huckers. We had a blast! We even got to see a hellbender that was over 2 feet long!!!

And it looks like I have 3 fishermen on my hands now... Rory is the best caster out of all of the Gittings men! He was routinely casting across the river!