Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Waiting for the last frost...

We are starting our garden this year inside, in hopes that we have more luck than we did last year.

Carl and our neighbor, Dab, cut some logs and laid them our for me to make garden build-ups. I have 4 right now (4ft by 6ft), and will be making one more for strawberries next week. I have to sift the dirt (LOTS of rock) and get the build-ups ready for plants.

In the meantime, while it is raining, I started our plants today. If all goes well, we should have quite the assortment of foods. I'm really excited about it and am doing a good bit of edible landscaping to go with it. Today I planted 150 seeds or so, while the boys helped me.

We have about 100 strawberry plants, 35 in front of the house in the flower garden (which obviously is now edible landscaping) and the rest I need to dig up, and make a build-up box for in the back of the yard. I got very lucky with berries. I was walking the yard and found them in the yard! Not wild berries, but cultivated ones! I'm hoping by next year, I have enough for jelly or jam! I am also going to plant all of our squash and zucchini along the back and side of the house. This will save room in the gardens for other plants.

I am really excited about teaching the boys about sustainable living and the value of raising your own food. So far, they are having fun helping me move dirt, and planting the seeds today.
I'm also hoping to have enough to trade some other local moms for their veggies and eggs.

I'm hoping to post photos as soon as things start progressing!

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