Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Action Packed Sunday!

Today was busy and interesting to say the least.

We think Rory is having food allergy issues again. He has been having rashes again, and has been eating a good amount of dairy which I think is the culprit. He actually ate way too much yesterday, and as we pulled into church my darling son began to cry and say he didn't want to go in (which is really weird for him), and then he proceeded to vomit... EVERYWHERE in the van, on his seat, on himself, on the back of my seat, just everywhere. Cute hubbie took the other boys in while I took Rory home for a shower and to wash the van out. (Why was I the one to get the wonderful chore of cleaning it? Well, as wonderful as cute hubbie is, the one thing he cannot do without making more of a mess, is clean vomit, lol).  After that though, Rory was fine.

We then went to Lowes so cute hubbie could get some parts to work on our water/well/plumbing. I wondered about halfway through our little project what the divorce rate for that kind of thing is, but thank goodness the project went well (and fairly quickly) and there were no violent outbreaks or threats of divorce from either of us, (although I do have to admit the thought of both crossed my mind for a few fleeting seconds, lol).

After that, the boys and I (and later cute hubbie) spent a few hours picking black berries and black raspberries from the wild vines around our house. They are just in the beginning of the short season, and there are a ton more to pick, but we got just about 4 lbs of berries!

After a nice (but all too short) thunderstorm passed, we decided to make jelly with the berries. I made it without any "sure-jell" type products, just lemon, water, berries and sugar. I'm proud to say that my jelly came out perfect and on my first try :) I ended up with about 5-6 pints (although I canned it in half pints). I'm guessing that I will end up with about 10-15 more lbs of berries over the coming week or two. I hope to make enough of these and of blueberry jam (and maybe strawberries too) to get me and my neighbor through the year without buying any... (and between 5 kids, us moms, and 2 cute husbands, that is a lot of jelly and jam to need!)

I made a few batches of fresh pesto this week too from our herb garden! It is wonderful and I froze a lot to have over the winter.

All the wonderful families at our church have been donating their old canning equipment to me to try my hand at canning. Cute hubbie and my mother think I might be insane for trying my hand at being as self sustaining as possible, but I am wanting to can as much homegrown food and local produce as possible. I am really looking forward to it! It isn't a matter of the cost (which really isn't always better), it is a matter of the health of the food and subsequently our family!

My darling hubbie will have to knock out a closet wall for me soon so that I can make a canning pantry  (we have a closet that backs up to the stairs, so I want that under-stair space for storage), I am excited and hoping that happens soon! Our current kitchen space is great, but our storage is minimal. This closet extension will help a TON!

 Maybe I will leave that job for next Sunday...

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Julie said...

yum! I used to can a bunch several years ago. Have fun - I found great satisfaction putting up each of those jars on the shelf and then opening one mid-winter and remembering the smells and the picking and the mess and all of it :)