Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Fun

Well, after our week at the beach, my camera is officially on the fritz. There was an incident with my camera and my nephew pouring water into my diaper bag (where said camera was well hidden and away from all water). It is still turning on, and still taking a few photos, but I don't anticipate it lasting much longer. The shutter release, auto focus, buttons for the flash, multi-shot function, macro function, focus choice, white balance, and other settings aren't working. So it looks like you folks may be getting more text then photos until I can afford a new camera.

Here are a few photos from father's day, which may very well be the last from my camera. We headed out to Looking Glass Falls, the National Forest, and the Davidson River. It was a blast! (None of the photos of Carl or myself came out...)


M said...

Hi! How funny... I was just catching up on your blog the other day. We JUST got back to NC. We're staying with my sister in Ft. Bragg but will be taking a trip back to Asheville soon. Let's try to catch up! My email is

M said...
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