Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do I Laugh or Cry?

We were eating last night when Rory asked if cows nurse their babies.

We answered yes, which then spurred an entire conversation of what farm animals nurse and what don't.

Rory then said, "Some animals just rub on their mommies bellies to nurse".

It took a few minutes to understand what he was talking about, and then I got it, so I responded with, "Oh! Most animals have their breasts on their bellies".

To which I received a response that I am not sure how to take "So are yours!"

So what do you think? Do I laugh or do I cry?


Kat (laeta904) said...

I would probably cry. Oh the things kids say!!!

Kim said...

cry on the inside, laugh on the outside! I swear, each day without a doubt I am closer to tucking my boobs into my waist band. If it weren't for bras I would cut off my boobs! It isn't fair that we nurture and adore our children by breastfeeding them, only to turn around and find stretch marks, discolored or enlarged nipples and sagging skin. But, I have to laugh because if I didn't, I would cry.