Monday, November 3, 2008

November at the Beach...

By November you never know what you are going to get when you go to the beach one day it might be warm, and the next near freezing (literally)...

Well, we got both while we were visiting. Here are the boys fishing off the pier with PaPa Larry, and no, they didn't last long. It was COLD (and windy).

A day later it was gorgeous... You have to love being able to go out in the ocean and to play on the sand at the beach in early November. It was a bit chilly, but we had a great time.

Of course we were not without the new stroller! Mom refuses to go anywhere without it!

The boys got to see a lot of neat things; everything from sea urchins, to star fish, to sand dollars and horse shoe crabs had washed up on shore.

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