Saturday, November 22, 2008

West Virginia, Mountain Mama... take me home...

We got to drive up to WV for the holiday... man do I miss it there. Not that I am not thankful to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, because I am, but there is something about West Virginia that is home...

The snow was gently falling as we drove over to Granny's, and everything tends to have this "magical" Christmas/holiday feeling for me. I am really going to miss getting to go to my Granny's home on trips and getting to be there for Christmas and family celebrations.

My Granny has made the decision to sell her home, and while it will be staying in the family, it is still hard for me to understand and be ok with the change. My entire memories of my Granny and most of my holidays are in that house... But change is inevitable... someday I will be able to move home and make new memories in WV.

Here are my boys and Kristi's boys with Granny Eva:

Here is Kristi's youngest Colton: He is a cutie:

Here are two more of Kristi's boys (Tyler and Bryce), Austin was with his Granny for the day so we didn't get to include him:

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