Friday, September 25, 2009

Just because I like them...

I have been taking a few photos of my dreads lately... some other mamas were curious about things, so I was documenting the care for them... so here are a few photos of my dreads.

My beads are all beads that have been given to me, quite a few are cool recycled glass beads from my mother-in-law. I put beads in my hair as reminders to pray and think about those around me who need support and uplifting.

They are super tight and after cutting out about a foot of length in May, the ends are locking up again.

To answer a few basic questions:

YES I do wash my hair, regularly in fact ;) You have to have clean hair to get locs.
No, they are not dirty nor do they have bugs.
Yup, that is my hair.
They are easy to care for.
I got them for me, not because I am a rasta or anything of that sort. They are my view of beauty. It is nice to be/feel beautiful without having to modify myself to society's version of beauty.

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