Monday, September 28, 2009

The weather is changing...

and fall is already here! I can't believe that the summer passed by so quickly. My boys are growing up fast.

Recently there have been a few funny stories coming from our oldest son, and before I forget them, I want to write them down.

I acknowledge that these stories may not be funny to you readers, but they are to me and I want to preserve them!

Story #1.) My son, the master of the obvious.

So Rory has been doing great in school. The teaching style is not exactly the same as the public schools, and is more art based. It really is cool. Rory has ALWAYS been a "master of the obvious" and a few nights ago solidified that for us...

Rory: "Hey mom, dad, can we watch a movie? I want to watch Evan Almighty."
Dad: "Sure, but we are going to bed right after."
Rory: "Great! I'll get out the DVD. Oh, guess what, I can spell DVD!"
~~long pause~~
Rory: "D... ummm..... V...... D? I think that is how it is spelled."

Rory proceeds to get the movie from the box, and I hear, "DVD! I spelled it right mom! I can spell DVD!".

Story #2.) Not mastering the obvious...
So Rory is still getting to know the names of the kids in his school, actually, I think he knows them all now, but he was having a hard time the first week. Two of the boys in his class are Van and Miles.

We were sitting around the campfire with friends one night chatting, and Rory was talking about the kids at school. We asked him what their names were, and he couldn't remember.

So, since we drive a van, I figured I would make it easy and help him remember the name of Van.

I said, "Rory, what do we drive?"
Rory's response: "Miles... OH! Miles is in my class!!"
My response, "Ok, yes, Miles is in your class, and we do drive miles, but what to do we drive miles on?"
Rory: "The road." (Which was said with a "DUH" tone).
Me: "OK, so we drive miles on the road in what...." trying my hardest to lead him into the answer "Van".
Rory: "In the van, mom."
Me: "Right Rory... and who is in your class?"
Rory: "Miles."
2-3 minutes pass by... and I hear "Oh MOM! Van is in my class too! Another boy in my class is Van!"

He was totally NOT mastering the obvious this time.

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