Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm here, I promise!

I have seriously been thinking about blogging, but man, with three boys who are all VERY energetic and busy, I can't seem to find the time. I have so many funny stories to tell over the next week or so!

That being said, I am going to try to make the effort to get on here more and get you all fresh photos!


Rory is LOVING school and doing great. He has made a ton of friends and really likes to go every day. He still struggles with not getting enough sleep, but we are working on that and getting more used to having a schedule. We got his school photos back yesterday. It is AMAZING how much like Carl he looks. I will scan them in and show you guys later in the week.

Arden is... well... Arden! He is a riot. He has lately gotten VERY independent and will tell Carl "I don't want you here, get out." Or he will refuse to let Carl help him with things. So far (knock on wood) he is still my little mama's boy and hasn't been mean to me yet!

His hair is getting longer and longer. The longer it gets, the more sure he is that he doesn't want it cut. He tells us that "I like my big hair. It doesn't need a cut, it is BIG hair!" And he is right, it is BIG hair! I figure at some point he will get tired of fighting about his gender and will want a cut.

This brings us to Canyon. Canyon is doing GREAT!!! He has been off his tube for about 2 weeks now, and has continued with a good weight gain, and is EATING FOOD, not just drinking enough formula/breastmilk to make his calories, but EATING anything and everything he can get his hands on! He will throw a fit and go to his chair when he gets hungry.

My wonderful hubbie celebrated his 40th birthday this past weekend. He took the milestone in stride and is still the young man I knew years ago. Carl's dad recently brought the Ghia down from WV, it is such a cool little car. I added a few pics in our photos of it.

Me, well I have been super busy chasing my boys around, knitting, and doing some home studies. I have been taking a few photos here and there.

We went to the fair last week, had a blast. The kids were of course thrilled to go. Even Canyon was amazed with the lights and noises.

Here are a few photos that are recent, I plan on taking some more this week.

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