Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Enchantment...

We were lucky enough this year to spend Easter in the "Land of Fairies" with my in-laws.

Their home (which we have mentioned here on the blog) is a land of enchantment and magic for the boys. Every time we come here there is some sort of magic to experience.

Today's magic was Easter. The boys, Carl, and I got up early to go to church for brunch and Easter service. This was the first time that I had gotten to hear my Mother-in-law preach, and she was wonderful. The service was open, welcoming and really made me think about a lot.

We wrote a letter earlier in the week to the Easter Bunny asking if he would be willing to make a special trip to our Grammy and Dad-Dad's house AFTER church so that we would be able to enjoy our Easter Egg Hunt and basket with our Grammy (since her morning as pastor is a bit busy on Easter!). He wrote back to us and said he would come while we were at church and boy did he! He hid our eggs outside, along with the baskets. He hid Rory's basket so well that we weren't even sure that he got one!

Here are a few shots of the day:

We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect Easter Sunday! Aunt Dee and Uncle Dave were able to celebrate with us our meal was delicious, and the children were as happy as can be.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope your day was filled with as much love and joy as ours was.

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