Thursday, April 1, 2010

The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth...

Yup, this blog is about the tooth... the tooth that Rory lost today!

Well, he didn't so much as lose the loose tooth, but he asked me to pull it out for him...

He has had this wriggly tooth for about 3 months, and has played with it non-stop. Then today, I look at him, and the tooth is half hanging out of his mouth like a fang! It was gross looking! So, when we got home from school, we sat in the van and I told him that I would help him pull it out. We grabbed a photo first... (it isn't hard to figure out which tooth it is).

So after a few attempts at getting a tissue on it, and getting a firm grip on the tooth, I finally got a nice hold on it, and gave it a pull.

The tooth went flying across the van, and we had to search and find it for the tooth fairy!

Rory was so proud.

Here is his little tooth pillow to hold the tooth until it holds the dollar coin that the tooth fairy will bestow on him tonight:

He really is getting so big! This is such a bittersweet milestone.

I look at this as the ending of true "childhood", not that he won't be a child for a long time to come, but in the fact that in nature, these are the "milk teeth" and children/mammals lose their baby teeth at the time that nature intends for them to wean from the parent and start to care for themselves...

So here my little baby boy is, with a gap in his smile, and growing up... pretty soon he won't need his mama for things like the tooth fairy, teaching him his school lessons, good night kisses, chasing away bad dreams, or reaching the tops of the closets. I'm already dreading the end of him wanting and needing me to help him with everything in life... and each milestone he hits is a reminder that it is getting closer to that time.

Anyway, I don't need to get all sappy over something he is so proud of. So congratulations to my big boy. I love you!

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