Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something a little different...

A really nice mom who owns a small company challenged me to a blog posting "contest".

It really isn't so much of a contest as it is a way to show love and gratitude. I did something very similar on November and am happy to do it again!

It is called the 13 Days of Peace and Love

Starting on February first, I will be posting about one "love" of mine each day!  I encourage you all to do it too, and to check out her blog to see what others are posting: (Oh, and if you are the mom of a little one, check out the carriers! We love the becco and a few others she carries!)

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Sprout Soup said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for blogging along with us! If you have a 'love' or story you would like us to share and consider for inclusion in our 13 days, please let us know! We're picking our favorites tomorrow, so contact us ASAP. :)