Friday, January 15, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting! The kiddos and I have taken turns being sick AGAIN.

On a more positive note, Canyon is discharged from the Pediatric Specialists he was seeing and is now under the regular pediatrician's care again! WHOO HOO! He is still skinny and has a special diet, but is doing great and no longer in need of specialized care!

Rory is getting so big. He is officially a reader. Over the last few months, Rory has been reading a few words here and there, and then last night he did it, he read an entire book to me! I had to help with a few large words, but he did it!

Arden is a riot! He is getting good at telling jokes, has GREAT timing, and is quite the fearless little adventurer. He will climb just about anything! The child has nerves of steel and thrives on the thrill (wonder where he gets that, lol). I feared it, and some friends recently confirmed it recently when they told us, we have a lot of BMXing in our future.

The boys are growing up so fast that it blows my mind! It was just yesterday that these little boys were little babies... How in the world does this happen? I'm truly enjoying it, being home with my children has been the best choice I have made for our lives, and I will never regret it.

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