Sunday, March 21, 2010

And this is what 6-year-old boys are made of...

Rory is getting so big; as I watch his transformation from a little boy into a school boy, it is amazing to me.

This past week I noticed his increased frustration with his brothers. There is no wondering why he was getting frustrated; he had no place to get away from them, no place to play with his toys, and the younger boys kept breaking his things. I realized that he needed his own space, his own bed room. So I decided to take the playroom and transform it into a new bedroom for Rory.

Now, as for what little 6-year-old boys are made of...

Rory has begun to pick up on that "school-age potty humor" that little boys find so amusing.

Last night we were talking about the neighbor's dog (which is a Dachshund) and he says "Mom, I know another name for a Dachshund..." It didn't take a genius to figure out where he was going with this conversation.

"Oh yeah Rory? What?"

(Snicker, snicker.) "A wiener dog!" (Giggle, giggle, snicker.)

We let him giggle about it, and then made him tell us why it was funny to him.

Does this type of humor start this early? Really? Ugh, I am in for a lot more if it with 3 boys.

So, we went to get ice cream later in the day, and when we are getting ready to go, Carl gets my attention and shows me the chalk board that Rory is writing on. In big, bold, bubble letters, the word POOP appears.
We quickly had a conversation about how potty talk isn't appropriate where people are eating,  and we make him erase it, but honestly... it was a little funny. He still hasn't explained to me why that one was funny...

Is this what 6-year-old boys are made of? Potty humor and talk about their parts?

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Cuz I'm the princess, thats why! said...

Um... Yep, I have to say you will have a lot more of that coming. As a mother of three sons of my own, step mom to one more and raising my two nephews as well... trust me "POOP" is the least of it all. hehe.