Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Tourist Day...

We went to the Biltmore Estates today... and would you believe that I messed up and my photos didn't come out? I'm a doofis and forgot to change the settings on my camera.

Here are the only shots I got... (I will double check that in a few)

The estates are beautiful and it was really cool. I need to go back and see the flowers again and we want to go back to the animal farm!

I went ahead and got us a season pass b/c it was cheaper than buying 2 tickets. I'm excited, I can get discount tickets for Grammy and DadDad now! It REALLY is cool. I'm stoked. It will keep us out of the house for Carl and there is SO much to do! Now between the YMCA, Nature Center, and Biltmore, we shouldn't have a problem finding something to do everyday!

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Amanda said...

Your children are absolutely beautiful, as is the scenery! I always wish I could take pictures like this, but that would be kind of hard since I'm really bad about taking my camera out...;)