Friday, March 20, 2009

Funny Kid...

Canyon is a funny little kid, really, or maybe it is just that he amuses me and Carl?

Well here is today's amusement:

I have started giving Canyon little sips of water from a sippy cup. Now, I have to hold the cup up and then he can drink/suck from the cup and get a little bit of water.

Today, Carl decided to give him a little water, and Canyon didn't know what to do! He kept biting the cup, scrunching his eyebrows and looking at Carl and laughing/smiling, almost like he was saying "You can't feed me!". It took a little bit, but he did finally realize that daddy CAN feed him a little, LOL!

Maybe it isn't *that* amusing to all of you, but it really got a laugh from me and Carl!

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