Sunday, November 22, 2009

End of the warmth...

This morning, before it got too cold, and before the rain began to fall, I mowed our yard for the last time of the season.

Our riding mower broke a few months back, and I had to push mow the property. Since the grass was getting long enough to fold over, and we are running short on warm days and dry weather, I figured today was the day.

I got the front done, then half the back, and then it began to rain. I had to send the kids into the house while I finished mowing in the rain.

I'm thankful that there was only a little of the yard left to mow when the rain started, and thankful that it was warm enough to get it all done and to let the children play outside while I mowed.

After we mowed, there was a "Rock Star" birthday party where all three boys got up to sing into microphones. Rory surprised me and sang an "original" song that he made up. It was great! So happy B-Day S, we hope you had a great time too!

Here is Rory (minus his tie) ready for the party:

Overall, even with the rain, it was a beautiful day today.

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