Friday, November 20, 2009

My wonderful and aggravating children...

I am so thankful for my wonderful yet aggravating children... even in our most trying minutes, they are so fun loving and innocent.

This morning was a little stressful while trying to get Rory to school and we were a little late trying to get everyone out the door...

I knew we were low (like gas light on for 15 miles already low) on gas, and that the bank was closed until 9 or 10, so we had limited gas... we are running short on time, and it is cold out. So I get the kids in their seats (no gas or time to warm up the car) and jump in, throw on the wipers and realize that the steam/fogged up windows aren't actually fogged up. They were covered in ice.


So I reach down to grab my ice scrapper from under my seat, and it isn't there. I begin searching the car, and then seem to remember seeing it in the kitchen closet by the door. So I go in the house and search. I can't find it anywhere.

In the meantime I had been verbalizing what I was looking for and Arden was laughing in his seat, which meant Canyon was too.

I finally come out of the house and try to find something in the car to use as a scraper. I figured I would ask to see if the kids had any idea what happened to the scrapper... and this is the response I get...

"Mama, it is in the washing machine," followed by giggling from all 3 boys. (Arden is the one that finally cracked, I'm not sure which was the culprit though.)

Low-and-behold when I go in the laundry area and pull ALL the clothes out of the washer, my ice scrapper appeared.

What in the world are they thinking?! This is the third time this week that they have hidden items of mine in the washer. Thank goodness it hasn't been the phone yet!

While my children are frustrating, it was pretty amusing, and they are so cute you can't help but smile!

Oh and we made it to school with 2 minutes to spare and I think we still have enough gas to get to the gas station and bank :)

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