Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Nature Center Friend...

Today we went to the WNC Nature Center for a picnic and to meet a new Nature Center creature!

Olive the Otter finally has a new partner, and he is quite handsome. He doesn't have a name yet, is a little bashful when it comes to the camera, but he loves to swim and play! We planned on getting a lot of photos while we were there, but mom forgot to charge the camera. (You would think that I know better by now, the darn thing barely holds a charge, lol.)

We sat for about 30-40 minutes and watched as he and Olive became a little more accustomed to each other. They had a great game of chase going on, and were playing in the water a lot! He seemed eager to play and interact, she was less sure. Olive ran around rubbing herself on everything she could, I am assuming to leave her scent and to "claim" the items? It was very amusing to listen to her calls and screams at her new friend when he would get close to her or an item she had claimed.

Without further-to-do, here is our newest friend at the nature center:

Arden also really likes looking for the turtles, and over the last week, the beautiful weather has drawn a few out to warm in the sun... Arden insisted on having me take a photo of this one, luckily my camera held on long enough.

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