Saturday, March 13, 2010

What the Hail?!

Today we decided to meet up with some friends and take a nice fishing trip, hike, and picnic.

Our day started pretty early, even early for us... Canyon was up, Arden was up, and that combination meant Rory, Carl and I were not far behind. After being up for a few minutes, I decided to go outside and reinstall one of our car seats, and when I went out I was face to face with one of the most beautiful late-winter/early spring mornings that I have ever seen. The soft yellow light from the sun made the grass the most bright and beautiful shade of green, the sky was perfectly blue, and the light dusting of dew on the ground added to the effect. It was just amazing.

So after eating our breakfast, we packed up and decided to head out to the river. As we were leaving, we talked about maybe grabbing some rain coats, but decided against it because of the beautiful weather. It was sunny, and very warm, warm enough that I wore shorts with my thermals.

Very soon we realized that we may not have made the best choice (and by we, I really mean Carl because I was going to get the coats when he said not to). It was pouring. By the time we arrived to the park, the rain had let up to a sprinkle, and soon stopped.

When we got there, it didn't take long to see that the roads we were going to travel were closed because driving was unsafe from the snow that is still on the mountains. So we changed our plans and found a nice area at a lower elevation.

We had a great lunch with our friends and hung out for a few hours.

Pretty soon after lunch, Arden decided he needed to poop, so Carl takes him to the composting toilette. Arden wouldn't go, so I took him, and he did. As Arden and I walk back out of the outhouse to the trail, I noticed it was much cooler, almost cold enough that I needed another layer.

When we got to the table, everyone had packed up, and I realized why, the sky had turned black. We quickly walked back to the vans and chatted, as soon as I got the trunk opened the skies opened and the precipitation began to fall.

It took me a minute to figure out what was happening, it was hail. Pea sized hail, falling hard and fast. It continued to fall for almost 45 minutes! It was crazy... there were an inch of hail stones on the ground when we left. It went from 55 degrees to freezing in a matter of moments.

I took a few photos of the hail as we left, I cannot believe how long it hailed and how much!

On a side note, our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and family dealing with the severe flooding in WV. Stay safe.

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