Monday, February 9, 2009

No Fish Tacos...

We have been busy people this past week!

On Saturday we decided to go back out to the Lake for a much needed hike/fishing/boating trip, and I have to say it was a BLAST!

Carl and Vince took the older boys out on the boat, and attempted to catch dinner... but between making the boys PBJ, stopping to go to the potty, and entertaining them for 2 hours, no fish were caught. Not even a bite. They did however see a few schools of tilapia, which is promising for the future.

While they were on the boat, the Can-Man and I went for a nice hike, probably a little over a mile or so, and then came back to watch the boys from shore and knit.

After they got back to land, our friend R and her boys L & M showed up to play, and we had a blast! They played at the play ground and fed the ducks and geese. (No biting incidents this time).

Flat Stanley even made an appearance! I heard he is going kayaking today... ;o)

After a GREAT day like that, we decided that after church yesterday that we were going to go to Bent Creek for some fishing and hiking. The creek was low, but the weather was perfect! We only caught one fish, not enough for supper, but a nice sized little guy (brown trout); he is waiting in our freezer for some friends to join him...

The boys and I had fun walking and playing while Carl fished here and there... I think we need to go back this week and catch enough for the fish tacos I have been craving, but for some reason, not catching enough fish to make.

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