Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Things They Say...

Yeah. The things that kids say...

Rory has been visiting local schools for the last 2 weeks and we have finally submitted the applications for the lotteries and have our fingers crossed.

One of the schools invited the incoming children to go to classes and walk through a morning at the school. So Rory and I (and Canyon) got up early, and spent a day in the class room.

The children were learning about money: how to count it, the presidents, what it is made out of, etc. It was very interesting and fun! It made me see that Rory definitely has the social skills he needs, more so than some of the other visitors who are in pre-k! I'm very happy about that.

The teacher, Mrs. R, was talking about penny-jars or piggy banks, and asking each child if they had one. Rory very excitedly told her he had a Grinch Bottle! While describing it to her, he said, "So, I just keep my money in a big beer bottle!" I about fell through the floor! All the other moms in the room thought it was hilarious... even the teacher had a hard time not laughing!

For the record, it is NOT a beer bottle!! But rather a large plastic soda bottle type bank. Sigh.

Now to Arden. He is pooping in the potty wonderfully. Not many issues. He has taken to looking at his excrement now. After he poops, he has decided that he has to tell me what kind of poop it is. Lately it is "Snake Poop!" It doesn't matter where we are, or who takes him to the potty, he comes out yelling "Snake poop mommy! Snake Poop! BIG Snake poop!"

Yup. So is my life. I definitely have boys; my life is full of potty humor and tattling on mom for having beer.

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