Wednesday, February 4, 2009


No, I don't think I will have photos... but we got SNOW!!

Every Tuesday we go out to eat a local place where kids eat free, making the whole meal in the $10-15 range which is a great deal! Often, we hook up with other local families and have a blast there and occasionally walk to the ice cream shop who has vegan ice cream for Rory.

Well, last night, our friend had to cancel, and it was snowing pretty good when we left the house to head to the restaurant. We had a great meal and decided that we would treat the boy's to some almond milk ice cream since they had been sick, acted so well at dinner, and deserved a treat.

By the time we got back in the car to head home, there was over an inch of snow on the car, and it was sticking to the road. Apparently they don't salt the roads here? We saw 3 accidents in about 1 mile and Carl even had to help push a woman who was stuck (well really, she was from Texas and just needed the moral support to give her car enough gas to get up a hill).

I knew that our main road before our house was going to be a block of ice, and was not surprised to see 3 cars pulled over wrecked about 50 yards onto the hill.

As I crested the hill (mind you we haven't had an issue) I stopped and started again to make sure the van didn't have too much momentum heading down the hill. As I am pumping the breaks coasting down the hill, a truck coming up the hill swerves and fish tails (very obvious 2 wheel drive truck). He stops in our lane... but I can't stop b/c of the ice and I start fish tailing and pumping the breaks isn't stopping us. So I head for the side of the road (not quite a ditch but just fresh snow and dirt) for traction and to fit around this truck... Well the truck decided that he was going to try to drive up the hill from a complete stop and begins to swerve again, but this time is rolling backwards b/c there is no traction.

We did get around the truck no worse for the wear, but man, it was a long drive home. I never knew 2 miles could take so long... I'm amazed at how uncomfortable people here are with driving in the snow.

I went to bed late last night 3am or so (A-man had a fever and was not sleeping) and I went to brush my teeth... no water. The pipes were frozen.

So this morning, Carl has been outside defrosting the pipe and sled riding with Rory. Arden, Canman and I are jealously listening to them have fun... but hey... we don't mind, we are warm, and watching Sesame Street ;)

Also, while I am waiting on my knitting needles for CanMan's hat, I started a scarf for Rory.

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