Friday, September 26, 2008

Freaking the Heck Out!

Ok, so last night at like 1-2am Rory had an accident in bed and came in to sleep with me since I can't change his bed with Arden asleep on the bottom bunk, no biggie. (But him having an accident is V E R Y unusual, especially since he went potty before bed.)

Well at like 3-4am, I hear the TV in our kitchen come on (there is no remote or anything for that TV, the part in the TV that the remote points at broke). It was really loud, so I know I didn't leave it on or anything.

I get out of bed to chase Arden back into his bed, figuring it was him. He has this habit of turning on TVs when he gets up...

It W A S N ' T him!!!!!! I'm freaking the hell out! There isn't anyone in the house, I checked. (And Carl is out of town).

And the SCARY part is what was on TV. It was tuned to the local Christian Channel with a preacher talking about what happened to the Jews just prior to the Holocaust.

Needless to say, I haven't slept.

The conspiracy theorist / paranoid person in me says it is a warning... There is so much similarity between Germany at that time and what is going on here...

It may have been nothing... But there is NO way for it to have turned on, no pets to hit it, no kids out there...

I am freaking the hell out!

ETA: After going in to clean the bed, there was no accident... not sure what happened there.

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