Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How far from animals are we?

So exactly what separates us from animals? From acting on basic instincts rather than thinking about our actions? Is it DNA or the fact that our brains are slightly more developed? Or is it that we are fat and happy?

That thin line that is keeping us above the animal kingdom is starting to blur. This gas shortage has people on the edge, ready to dive over the line. People are fighting while waiting in 3-4 hours lines for gasoline, taking baseball bats to each other, stealing gasoline from yards, drilling holes in gas tanks, and threatening to kill fellow humans.

What are we going to do when the real issues start. When there are food shortages, when there is no medical care, when there are no jobs, no money, no water? Because it is coming. This is just practice...

Scary isn't it?

Here are so photos from my drive around town. Most every station was out of gas, those that had gas ran out in hours. Lines were MILES long, and blocked the main lanes of traffic. Even stores were closed b/c of the shortage. I just heard on the news a local college is closed b/c of the shortage.

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MadreJoyce said...

What a reality it actually is.. And to think, there are still many many many states and people who have no idea this is even going on.