Monday, September 22, 2008

Kleptos, Car Rides, and Contusions...

Yup, that summarizes our day.

My Father-in-law decided to pick today to become a klepto. He up and stole Carl's wallet. Seriously.

Ok, so he isn't really a kleptomaniac, my husband left his wallet on the table and it is remarkably similar to DadDad's wallet, so he grabbed the wrong one and headed over to work. Needless to say he was quite disappointed at the amount of cash (or lack there of) in the wallet!

We left the house in a rush to get on the road and get the wallet. Carl had to catch an airplane in Charlotte in the AM, so time was of the utmost importance.

Well, Canyon had other ideas. After the first few hours, he decided that the car ride was not going to be comfortable for anyone. We stopped at every single exit for a good portion of Virginia. At one rest area, there was an unexpected turn of events...

Arden decided that walking wasn't enough fun, so he began to run down a handicap ramp towards the lower sidewalk. As you can imagine (and guess from the title) that this didn't go so well for him... These were taken after the dent popped back out.

We got to the Erwin Walmart as it closed and got 5 containers for gasoline. WNC is out of gas so bad that I had to get Carl and some friends enough gas to get them to and from work tomorrow. I drove from our house to Hendersonville to take Joyce and Mario some much needed gasoline at 5am this morning.

On our drive home, cops (or "the law" as another passer-by called them) were lined up at the few gas stations who had gas, it looked like martial law was in effect in Asheville.

We did finally end our trip about 12.5 hours after it began... not bad for a normally 6 hour trek eh?

Needless to say, I'm sticking around the house for a few weeks.

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Not The Rockefellers said...

Oh you poor thing! I have been on those nightmare drives myself. It feels good to finally get home and ,for Arden's sake especially, heal. It also feels good to get to a oint where you can joke about it a little.

Peace - Rene