Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It is official.

My kid is a bully.

Arden pinches, hits, pulls hair, bites, pushes, etc. He even picks the smaller kids to do it to. He also does it to his big brother. What can I do?

Sorry Joyce :o( I know that Jax has done it in the past to my kids, but I feel bad that the table turned.


Mommy Scott said...

discipline him each and every time he does it (whether it's time out, isolation, spanking, etc) and make sure whatever discipline you choose makes an emotional impact, otherwise it's pointless. ((hugs)) this is THE hardest part about parenting, setting boundaries

MadreJoyce said...

Aww hun (((hugs))) Jax was dishing it back out sometimes, and I too had to stop him..
I think its just this age.. Im not upset. Kids will be kids..
I think doing exactly what you guys are doing- and dealing with it is a great thing.. The kids will learn. ;)
Either that or one day Arden will pick a fight with someone bigger than him & they are gonna lay him out and teach him a lesson. LOL
Seriously no big deal- its probably just a phase..
We had loads of fun last night though! Jax came home and passed out hehehe..

Alasdair said...

For what it is worth: Bullies are oftentimes insecure (which is why standing up to them works a lot), so maybe he feels bad about himself in some way. Or it's just a phase :) But if it isn't, maybe you can get him to talk about why he engages in that kind of behavior and use what you find out to help show him why it is wrong to bully. Just my two cents.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Instead of time outs, what works best for me is taking something away. A toy, a favorite movie, a play date. It is also crucial for the child to be disciplined at the moment the incident happens.

"I see that you are angry with Davey for taking your truck but hitting is not OK. I will have to take your truck for ( however long you want) because you made a bad choice".

Don't call him a bad boy just tell him he made a bad choice.

It is also important for the child to apologize to the victim.

You could take a second to talk about sharing but I wouldn't lecture.

Sometimes with the little ones justice has to be swift so that they understand that there are consequences to bad choices.

Hope this helps!

Peace - Rene