Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

What does Christmas Eve mean to you? Do you remember it as a child? I hadn't really thought about the anticipation and excitement until this year. Rory really gets it, Arden was old enough to be excited and understand what was happening, and it was Canyon's first Christmas.

Our Christmas Eve was a night (whole day actually) filled with anticipation, excitement, and love. It was really cool!

Mom decided that there would be no naps today. Aren't I nice? The boys thought so! (Believe it or not it wasn't b/c I wanted to be nice. It was a calculated plot to make sure that Rory actually went to sleep and stayed in bed, Arden too.)

At 5, we ate dinner with our neighbors, who really have become a part of our family. There are times that I think I would go nuts without the love and support that Deb offers us.

Then we tracked Santa on the computer to see where he was, and at 7, it was time to go to Christmas Eve Service. Which was the first service our boys have sat through... it was... well... long for the boys, but absolutely beautiful for me. Our minister has an amazing voice that I hadn't heard before, and the church members are all so loving and accepting. It was nice to spend Christmas Eve there remembering what the holiday truly is about.

Christmas Eve also means that the boys get to open one present, specifically picked by mama, but from MamaAnn. This is Canyon's first present,

and the boys were excited to open them:

What was it you ask?

Matching footie PJs for Christmas! Thank You MamaAnn! We know they were hard to find!

Aren't they adorable?

After this, it was time for everyone to go to bed and wait until daylight to see if Santa actually came...

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