Monday, December 29, 2008

Just an old story that came up...

Carl and I were talking and remembered this; it happened last August (2007), but is still just as funny! I copied it from the board I posted on at the time:

Funny story from dinner tonight

Ok, So I have a funny story to tell from dinner this evening. Not all of you are going to think this is as funny as Carl and I did, but some of you totally will, so here we go:

So tonight I made chicken spaghetti for dinner. It is a favorite around here, and it actually gets the kids to eat meat and some veggies that are not favorites.

Rory has some slight allergies and this humidity doesn't help much. . . so his frequent sniffles and occasional sneezes are something we don't pay much attention to. . .

Well tonight at dinner he sneezed a few times while Carl and I were talking. . . a few minutes later he sniffles and says "mama do you see the noodle in my nose?" Mind you he is 3 and his noodles do get everywhere.

So I glance over, no noodle on his face, just a ton of sauce, so I responded "No honey, I don't see any noodles."

I go back to eating and he says "No, mama! I mean this one"

I look up at him and see that HE IS POINTING TO A FULL LENGTH NOODLE ON THE TABLE THAT HAS NO SAUCE ON IT!!!!!!!! It turns out there was a noodle in his nose; he had sneezed an entire noodle out of his nose!

I about fell out of my chair laughing, it took Carl another 30 seconds to get it! He was just looking at me like I was a lunatic before it clicked... Both of us laughed about it and then had to try to explain why it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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