Monday, December 8, 2008

Shhhhh... I Have a Secret

I got Rory a pass for the local nature center for his birthday!! Today was absolutely beautiful and we are expecting rain (YEY) over the next week or so, and that meant we had to go today if we were going to go this week.

We used his pass today (but he didn't know that, lol) to go and see the Christmas display, which really was just Camels. Their names were Blue and Glory. (I'm not sure which one this is).

The hit of the day ended up being Oscar the Otter and the not camels. Oscar and his girl friend (Olive?) came out to visit us and kept posing and flirting with the boys:

And here are a few otters that I brought home with me...

Here are 2 more shots, we had a blast!

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