Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Else?

So today was one of those days.

It started with Carl needing to have a quiet house so the boys and I were going to run around and do some things. So on the way to the bank, my phone starts power cycling.

No big deal, it is new, under warranty, and I had a few questions about it anyhow, so why not go by and ask right? I run by the house, grab a snack for the boys and get my other phone to transfer the info from and go. I needed to go to the discount store next door to get cinnamon for Rory to make decorations, it will all work out perfectly and we will be home in an hour...

Or so I thought.

We go in to the cell phone store, and it is looking good, no one is in there, no lines, quick and easy...

Nope, didn't quite happen that way. It took 3 hours.

My old phone is FRIED, nothing is recoverable from it. The new phone is a Friday at 5 model, and is crappy. Arden had a melt down, the baby has his first poop in 5 days (which went EVERYWHERE), and then Arden pooped, and then I had to get a loaner phone while mine is sent back in.

Then we had to go to the store next door still, that took a while b/c Arden was refusing to walk, and throwing a fit... we were completely melted down freaking out by the time we got home.

Ugh, whoever said having 3 kids was easy, is full of it.

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