Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that the day has treated you all well!

Today was an awesome event filled day for our family that ranged from chaotic to peaceful...

Santa did make an arrival last night, leaving goodies for all the boys and a few things in stockings for mom and dad.

Rory got a guitar that was hidden behind a sleigh; Arden got drums and a sled; Canyon got a percussion table that he can sit up behind, and a sled that we can strap him into and pull him around.

I'm not quite sure what Santa was thinking on a few accounts.
#1. It was almost 65 degrees here today and there is no sign of snow in sight.
#2. Dad works from home and the house is loud enough.
#3. I'm out of beer and this means a LOT of noise.

Pretty soon the boys grew tired of opening presents and took a break to play... another to eat, then another to eat... amazing isn't it? It took us until 3 or 4 and well after lunch to finish unwrapping everything.

Highlights of the day included the quilts made by MamaAnn, all the dinosaur stuff, and I think the best thing (besides Rory's guitar) was the globe from Grammy and DadDad and the desk from PaPa.

After supper, we decided that the boys could watch a DVD in our room and then go to bed.

As the movie (Kung Foo Panda) ended, I turned to see if Arden needed to use the potty before going to sleep... here is what I found:

It really was a big day for all the boys, and for us too! I passed out about 5 minutes after we put the boys to bed!

Thank you everyone, they honestly do love everything they got!

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