Friday, January 9, 2009

Back To Nature...

We went to the nature center again today, the boys really like it and there is a lot going on. New habitats are being built and one of the animals has escaped recently! (Not anything dangerous, just one of the birds of prey)

So Rory, Arden and I have a game going... we are going to go to the nature center and get the names and photographs of each animal when we see them. Unfortunately mom keeps forgetting paper when we go, so half the names we learn, I forget. And some of the animals have been elusive b/c of the cold.

Here is what we have so far, some we don't have the names of:

3 Gray Wolves, but only 2 names



1 Otter


1 Coyote


2 Red Foxes

Elvira and Toby

2 Gray Foxes


1 Cougar


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