Monday, January 12, 2009

Harry Potter, in my home?!

Yup. He is here!! Today he watched himself on TV for hours...

Be careful, he might actually know a spell or two!

Obviously he is without his cloak. I will have to try to sneak a photo of that tomorrow.

Rory has become infatuated with 4 things this year... ok maybe more than four, but the top four are:

Harry Potter

He loves Harry Potter, and as soon as he opened his birthday gift from Grammy and DadDad Gittings, we had to go straight to the movie store (in our Harry Potter Costume) to rent 2 of the movies in the series. The glasses and wand arrived today, and he just took them off to go to bed! It was the perfect gift! Thank you Grammy and DadDad! We will take more photos tomorrow!

For those concerned about Arden, the sickies seemed to have passed, all I am left with is a tired and somewhat cranky little boy who is in need of lots of hugs.

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