Friday, January 23, 2009

So, maybe Walmart does have good Customer Service?

I'm not really a fan of Walmart, but you have to do what you have to do...

We went to Walmart on Thursday to get groceries and while we were in the very back looking for eggs, Arden told me that he had to go potty. So I grabbed my eggs, and rushed to the front of the store. Mind you this is a LARGE super Walmart and it took a few minutes to get back up to the front.

When we got to the restroom, the door was blocked by a cleaning supply cart, and we couldn't get it. So I turned to the front end manager who was standing there, and asked if we could please go in, that I had a potty training toddler with me.

He pointed back to the rest room and said "You will have to ask him". "Him" was the janitor standing at the cart getting out some paper towels.

I asked him if I could please let my 2 YO go to the restroom and was told "No, it will be 10 more minutes, I have to refill the paper-towels and toilette paper."

I asked again and the manager standing there shrugged at me, to which I replied that Arden didn't have on a diaper and there was no way that he could wait that long. He pointed to the back of the store and told me there was a small restroom back there. He was extremely rude, it was odd, it wasn't what he said, but his obvious disdain for me and my children. It was as if I was a bother to him and not worth his time.

Well needless to say, we almost made it to the potty, only a little "came out" before we got on the potty, but it really upset me and Arden. Even Rory asked me why the man was so mean to us.

I didn't get a manager while I was standing there. I was too upset. We grabbed the final few things that I needed and left. I was almost in tears about the incident b/c it upset Arden so much and I was in disbelief that someone with a FULL cart of food, a customer, would be treated that way by an employee who is supposed to be in charge of customer service.

I understand that there are some reasons that we couldn't go into the rest room for, but the employee was almost done and there was no danger...

I called WalMart Corporate headquarters that afternoon after I had calmed down, and they contacted our local Walmart.

I got a call this evening and an apology. They are supposed to have allowed us to use the restroom. They also are going to address the issue and do training on it. The manager who called was extremely nice and kept asking what else they could do to fix the situation, I think that had I asked I would have gotten gift cards! But I told her that really all I wanted was for someone to be aware of how I was treated and to make sure it didn't happen to others. I have to say that I don't feel like I was being patronized or passed off. I think they were sincerely sorry and will be addressing the issue. She knew exactly who it was when I described the employees.

So maybe WalMart does care? Or at lease some people who work there take pride in their reputations and jobs...

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