Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sickies are still here... and 25 random things about me...

Ok, so I thought we were all on the mend, but NO. Last night I found out otherwise. Arden and Canyon puked, a bunch... niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. It made for a long night!

Since I don't feel like taking photos today (I *might* get around to editing the nature center photos from yesterday)... I figured that I would post 25 random things about me that I posted on facebook as a chain letter kind of thing.

1. I often wake in the morning craving beer... and will have one sometimes. (I think it might be the lack of bread products that I miss).

2. I'm seriously considering becoming a vegan, or pretty close to one.

3. My placenta from Canyon is sitting on my counter in a jar... (dried and powdered)

4. I hate folding laundry... I don't mind washing, but the folding/putting away kills me. I constantly have 2 CLEAN loads of laundry on my floor in my room.

5. I miss kayaking and wish I got to do it more.

6. A few days ago I had a hard time cooking some trout Carl caught b/c I felt bad for the fish.

7. I think my kids might be the funniest people alive...

8. There are times that I wonder if my younger sister needs to be committed. Seriously.

9. The "Cheese" stands alone. (Only a few of you will get that.)

10. My honest-to-god 10 year goal is to build a self sufficient home back in WV. (see what I did there? #10, 10 year?)

11. I'm a dork, and I know it.

12. I enjoy childbirth. And honestly it is not "painful" to me.

13. We have 3 dogs. Mike, Charc, and Cosmo.

14. I am done having children. 3 is the limit on sanity for me.

15. I'm lucky to be alive because of more than a few stupid situations. I could have easily been a statistic.

16. My dreads have nothing to do with religion, I just like them and like my own standard of beauty, one that no one else has to understand.

17. I haven't shaved in 2 years, although I have used the clippers on my legs...

18. I miss snow, we don't get any here in NC... yet I keep buying my kids skis, snowboards and sleds... (I think I might be going a little loco).

19. I like old-fashioned Gospel Music.

20. I might just have the world's coolest Mother-in-Law (actually all of the ILs). Not many people can say that.

21. My husband is 12 years older than me!!

22. I have kayaked less since meeting Carl than anytime since I started boating... and he is an avid kayaker. (I think it might have something to do with having been breastfeeding and pregnant for over 5 years now though...)

23. I am afraid of cold water. I almost drowned on the Slippery Rock in PA in Feb. of '01 while swimming with the ice chunks (a kayaking incident).

24. I make more of a mess when I start cleaning...

25. I kind of like being a home-body... but I miss hanging out with people late into the night.

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Kim said...

i can relate to so many posts here....

the laundry thing has me pegged...it is unending around here, too. as soon as i feel like it is finished, del will bring me a new load (julie just never puts away her clean clothes and arthur's clothes are found in baskets in everyone's rooms). jesse is the worst though. not only will he wear and rewear (saving me loads) but he will mix my lovely washed and folded clothes with the reworn clothes...making my efforts moot! ARRRHHHGGGG!

And also, really? the shaving thing? really? geebus.